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FDA Approved & Covered By Medicare
and Most Major Insurances

Have You Been Told You Need Joint Replacement Surgery?

Download Your FREE Copy of This Patient Guide to Knee Pain Relief and Learn Why Joint Replacement Surgery Is No Longer Your Only Option For Knee Pain Relief… even if you’ve been told you are bone-on-bone and everything else you have tried has failed

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New Hope For Chronic Knee Pain Sufferers

At KneeWorx, we help people with debilitating knee pain end or greatly reduce their suffering…even if nothing else they have tried has worked or they have been told their only option is surgery.

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Advanced Arthritis Relief

To help our patients avoid surgery, recover faster, and have less future episodes of knee pain, we administer the Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol consisting of a series of FDA approved treatments..

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Treatment is FDA approved and covered by Medicare
and most commercial health insurances

The Secret to Ending Knee Pain Without Surgery

The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol™

What the program is…

  • Arthritis protection

  • Stops cartilage destruction

  • Promotes tissue growth

  • Restores joint function

  • Treats the underlying cause

  • Zero downtime

What the program is not…

  • Prescription medication

  • Dietary supplements

  • Physical therapy

  • Steroid injections

  • Expensive stem cell treatment

  • Joint replacement surgery

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Knee Pain?
These People Did!

At KneeWorx, we help knee pain sufferers avoid joint replacement surgery and stay active well into their 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s! Read and hear what people have to say about the Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol.


I have no more knee pain!

“… Have been in pain for 15 years and had difficulty walking and driving a car due to knee pain. Walked out of the office for the first time without pain. Thank You!”


I can play tennis again!

“I have gone from limping around, being in constant pain, and being scheduled for joint replacement surgery to actively getting around again and resuming my active lifestyle. I now have less pain, more flexibility, greater range of motion, and have resumed playing tennis”


You've given me my life back!

“…Now, about 5 weeks later I am walking without the knee brace, I’m playing pickle ball again with hardly ever any pain, and my knee feels a lot stronger. It’s absolutely life-changing”

Healthcare Facilities Around the Country Agree…

“This treatment approach stands head and shoulders above any other for quickly reducing (or totally eliminating) really serious knee pain…”

Even works for people told they are bone on bone and need joint replacement surgery

Considering Surgery? Consider This…

People suffering from knee pain typically try supplements or pain medications before seeking help from a doctor.

When all else fails and the pain is too much, some believe that surgery is their only option.

Before you put yourself through months of immobility, pain, rehabilitation, and hefty medical bills, consider these facts:

Advanced Arthritis
Relief Protocol


Cost Covered by most insurance plans including medicare Deductible, co-pay, medications, time-off work, etc.
Risk No known side effects Blood clots, infection, poor outcome, addiction to pain medications
Pain Little to none Can be severe for months
Recovery Immediate Months / Years

Are You A Candidate For
The Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol?

This Potentially Life-Changing Treatment Is For You If…

  • You wake up with knee pain

  • Your knee pain keeps you from certain activities

  • You’ve been told you need a knee replacement
  • You take medications for knee pain

  • You have difficulty going up and down stairs
  • You’ve tried everything to get rid of knee pain without success
  • You’ve been told you have bone-on-bone
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Answers to Your Questions

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Our treatment program is covered by Medicare and most major insurance carriers. If you like we can take your insurance information over the phone so that we can perform a complimentary verification of your benefits.

Based on your condition, we utilize a variety of FDA approved products. This substance is similar to the natural lubricant in your knee and can be used to replace the fluids which you may have lost over time or due to injury.

If you’ve had these done by an orthopedist, chances are they did the procedure blindly, meaning without x-ray guidance. We use a new technology called fluoroscopic guidance that allows us to see into your knee in real time, which allows the doctor to see the needle travel directly where it needs to go. If your past doctor did not use this technology how can you be sure the lubricant actually got to where it needed to be?
Although the length of our treatment plans vary based upon your condition, most patients require a series of 3-5 injections. The doctor can explain the necessary frequency of your treatment during your risk-free, no-cost consultation.
This varies by patient, as no two cases are exactly the same. That said, most patients experience relief almost immediately after the first injection.
This depends on your condition. For many patients relief lasts years, while others may need to return periodically for additional treatments. Most insurance carriers allow for two courses of injections per year in the event your pain returns.
There are no known side effects or adverse drug interactions associated with the use of joint fluid therapy. That said, please make sure your doctor is aware of any known allergies or any adverse reactions to medication.
No. You would not be a candidate if you’ve had joint replacement surgery on both knees. If, however, you’ve only had one knee replaced, we may still be able to help you with the other knee.
I understand your frustration, however there is hope. We frequently see patients that have been told their only option is “to learn to live with the pain.” We have been able to help many find relief. The doctor can review your particular case and determine what, if anything, we can do to help. There is no-cost or obligation for this consultation.

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